Week Calendar is crashing!?


Week Calendar is crashing!?

A crash can be caused by several causes: When Week Calendar crashes for you, it would be really great if you could send us crash logs: crash logs allow us to investigate what is causing the crash and would allow us to fix it when it's a bug in Week Calendar.

Crash logs

In order to investigate crashes, we'll need crash logs from your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.


When syncing with iTunes, crash logs are automatically transferred from your device to your Pc or Mac.

So, please first do a sync with iTunes:

Mac OS X

On the Mac, crash logs are kept at:
where ~ is your Home folder.

Here’s an example: Crash logs on the Mac OS X.

Device name is “William Kelly's iPhone” here There’s the .crash file and .plist file – archive them both and send to a developer. Actually, pick all the files you find there that have the name of the problematic application.

Windows Vista / Windows 7

Windows Vista / Windows 7 Files are located here:
The AppData folder is hidden by default, so here’s how to access it. Get into your personal folder:
User folder, with Vista folder path

Now click on the folder (address) bar which will change the display into Windows folder path and add \AppData to it, then click Enter.

When clicked, the address bar changes into regular Windows folder path
This will then show the folder contents. From here, you can follow the path above until you get to the crash logs.

For Windows 7, follow the same procedure.

Windows XP

Location is here:
C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/<DEVICE_NAME>
<USERNAME> is your login username. Application Data folder is usually hidden by default, so you need to reveal it in the same way as in Vista — by typing in and pressing Enter.