The week view

Central to Week Calendar is the week view, which is optimized to show just the right amount of details on the small iPhone screen.

However, using the eye icon on the bottom bar, you can switch between list, day, week, agenda, month, or year views.


Week Calendar makes full use of the iPhone's multitouch screen by supporting lots of common gestures.


Swipe left or right to go to the previous or next day/week/month/year.


In week view, you can pinch-to-zoom either horizontally to show less days or vertically to show more or less hours.


To create a new event on a specific time, just tap-and-hold on the time: A popup will appear where you can select 'New' to create the event on the specified time.


In week view, you can tap-and-hold on an event to be able to drag it around to a new date and time. When done, press the done button in the upper-right corner.
To undo press, undo.

Cut, Copy & Paste

Cut or Copy events by selecting them and tapping on the middle action icon.

To paste events tap-and-hold on a spot in the calendar.

You can do this as often as you like, to make duplicates or move events quickly.

Adding new events

Adding new events is done by using the + button or by using tap-and-hold.

Depending on your calendar, you can fill in the following fields:
  • name
  • location
  • start & end time
  • recurrence
  • alert
  • notes
  • custom colors
  • contacts
  • availability
  • invitees

Batch editing

Week Calendar 4 supports batch editing of events. To select multiple events for editing, copy, cut, drag or resize, tap & hold on the middle icon on the bottom bar first, to get into multiple selection modus:

All-day events

You can create events without a specific time, such as Birthdays, by setting the All-day switch to ON in Start & End time.

All-day events are shown at a special area in the week view to not interfere with your normal calendar.


Setting an alert will notify you in time for an event. You can either pick one of the pre-defined entries, or tap on Custom to set your own alert time up to 366 days in advance with a one minute precision.

Tap on Exact date to set the alert on a specific date and time.


You can link contacts to events by using the Contacts option: select a contact and their phone number or e-mailaddress.
The contacts will get an entry in the event details linking to their AddressBook page.

Repeating events

If you have an event that occurs regularly, you can automatically repeat it by setting the Repeat option.
First, pick if you want to repeat the event on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis.

Next, set how often the event should be repeated, e.g. every 2 weeks. Now, pick the details of the recurrence. For Weekly repeats you can select the week days the events should occur on.

For monthly recurrence, you can use Each option to specify the month days to occur on, e.g. 5, 8 and 7 December.

Or the On the option to repeat on like as fourth Monday or second week day.

Deleting events

You can quickly delete events by selecting an event and tapping on the trash icon on the bottom bar.

Calendar Colors

You can change the color of your calendars by tapping on the gears icon.
In the calendar list, tap on the blue arrow button to change the color of the calendar.

Events Colors

A unique feature of Week Calendar is being able to color code individual events. You can do this when editing an event by setting the Custom Color option.

If you want to add more colors or rename the colors to match their usage (e.g. Blue = Sports), please go to Settings > Auto Colors > Customize Colors.

Auto Colors

With Auto Colors can also automatically set custom colors based on keywords.
You can find this option under Settings > Auto Colors.


If you have events that you use often, you can make a template out of them by going into the event details and tapping on Add as template.

When adding an event, you can fill it in quickly by tapping on the blue bookmarks button and selecting the template you want to use.

You can edit, reorder, delete and add templates under Settings > New events & templates.
Week Calendar will also keep a list of recently added events under the bookmarks button, so you can quickly access recent events.

Default values

Under Settings > New events & templates > Default values, you can define the duration, alerts, calendar and color that by default will be used for new events.


When travelling, you want to enable TimeZone Support in both Week Calendar and the native iPhone app.
If you set the timezone to your home timezone, the events won't move when travelling.
If TimeZone Support is disabled, the events will adjust themselves to the timezone you are currently in.

Birthday alert

You can set an alert for all birthdays at once under Settings > New events & templates > Birthday alert.


There are a lot of Settings to customize Week Calendar. To enter them, tap on the 2nd icon (gears) on the bottom bar. Next, tap on Settings in the upper-left corner.

Week numbers

If you don't like Week numbers, you can disable them under Settings > Calendar > Hide week numbers.

Week starts at

You can change the day the week starts at in Settings > Calendar > Week numbers.

The week view uses a custom setting under Settings > Day & Week; Week starts at, which you can set to special values such as Current day of the week.

Quick tips

  • double tap on the eye icon to go to the current day
  • when using tap-and-hold, you can shuffle while holding to change the tapped time
  • If you want more screen space, use Fullscreen modus under Settings > Miscellaneous